Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Finally!!!!....The ass of J. Strokes!!!!!!"


  1. Yo I wanna bust cum deep in your guts

    1. get@me!

  2. what a spankable butt,most ALL black men i have been with love being spanked,tied,and kinky sex.amazing a huge buck bull,wanting a otk paddling,"it's in their jeans",or maybe all that "hung by the ankles,and paddled" done to them,and most had slave ancestory.i know i'd have that fine ass spanked RED HOT,and ride that tight love hole all night,you'd also think most big black men would be the top,NOT IN MY CASE,AND I AM A RATHER AVERAGE size guy,BUT RIDING A ASS LIKE THAT,ALL HOT FROM HIS SPANKIN,WILDEST FUCK YOU'LL EVER DO

  3. What's the title of this porn scene?

  4. One of my top porn stars. I'm not homo. I jst think guys with thick bodies are better since I have a thick body & arse. Girls love my body & slap my ass all the time.